All the slot machines are based on the same idea, to insert money into the machine then spin the wheel and wait to see whether you loose or win. There are various slot games available in the market. There are basically three types of slot games. First is the three reel slot games, second are the five reel slot games, where as the third one is the progressive slot games. To guide you to find a slot machine suitable to your taste here I am going to summarize different slot games.

Multiple Payline Slots, it has more than one paylines. A player can win by getting the winning combination in any of the payline. Progressive Jackpot Slots, this jackpot is very popular and has the largest jackpots. The jackpot amount in this machine continuously keeps on increasing. The machine may be connected to all the other machines of casino or different casinos. The money invested in the network machines increases the jackpot amount until someone wins it. After the jackpot is won it is set to zero and starts all over again. Multiplier Slots, the most common type of slot available in any casino is multiplier slots. These slots pay the winning combination multiplied by number of times the amount of coins invested.

Now, after going through this review you would have got a fairly good idea of different slot games. So go ahead spin the wheel and who knows you might get lucky.