Your slot odd of ending up with a winning combination is directly related to the fact that how the virtual reel is configured. Slot odds of hitting a winning combination depends upon the number of virtual stops made to get one actual stop.

In a slot machine, one virtual stop brings the reel to one actual stop. This implies that the player has a probability of one out of sixty four to get the jackpot symbol on the reel. This also means that if there are three reels then probability of hitting the jackpot is one out of sixty four to the power of three. The probability of getting the winning combination decreases drastically, if there are multiple stops on the virtual reel.

The program, which runs on the machine, is developed in such a way that they always get a particular payback percentage. Payback percentage is the amount that a machine gives out to the players.

Every time a new game is played the computer generates a random number and the odds that you are going to win are same as all the moves you are going play or have played. It is totally based upon your luck that you are going to win or not.

Generally, a player can win the jackpot only if he places the maximum bet. Therefore, to win the maximum jackpot always place your maximum bet. The slot odds of winning big are totally dependent on luck and the amount of money you invest. Os invest more and win more.