Video slots are advancement in the slot machines where sophisticated technology is used and the traditional reels of the machines are replaced with video reels. This has a more visual impact. The graphics and other technical features used create an interesting gaming environment for the players. Both the video and audio effects contribute to the same.

There are about nine pay lines in a video slot as compared to one play line in a three reel slot. Around one to ten coins can be bet per pay line. Hence, the matching of symbols is more manipulative and it makes the game more thrilling and exciting. The types and variety is more in symbols used in the video slots. They may be scatter, multiplier and wide symbols. Bonus screens with different gambling features are seen in these slots.

The video slots as compared with the three reel slots have complex pay tables but they are easy to understand. The number of coins which can be betted for each pay line is changed so that the amount bet on each spin also differs. The return of coins also differs in the video slots. Generally the player tends in loosing coins in video slots but in case of reel slots he gets the coins back.

Video slots have come up with great options and attributes. If played properly it leads to huge success. Fate also matters irrespective of the skills of the player. They have emerged as the pioneers of the slot games and are reaching heights in very less time.